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We now interrupt…

You could call it a vanity project. In any case, I don’t get any revenue from it. You see, I thought it would to try my hand at writing a short story. As it happened, Richard Polt (the mind behind what is known in certain sectors of the Internet as the “Typewriter Revolution” – check out his entertaining and well written site with that name) had a plan of collecting and publishing stories about the goings on after the collapse of digital civilisation with a special role for typewriters. This was just the incentive I needed. So over Christmas I started writing (Tracy and I own a few typewriters ourselves). My story was called “S. T.” — and I’m afraid you have to read it to find out what that stands for. It was, rather to my surprise, accepted. But that didn’t mean I was done. A big hurdle loomed: the prerequisite that the text to be published had to be typewritten – taking the “type” in “typewriter” awfully literally. I had to become, in fact, my own typesetter, proofreader and printer. And I am not a good typist.

The result can now be appreciated in the book “Paradigm Shifts” – look for the characteristic “Quadrato” typeface of the Olivetti Praxis.

Paradigm Shift” can be ordered from Amazon ( has the best shipping rates for Holland). Thanks should go out to Richard Polt who masterminded it all, but also edited and managed the book, and Frederic Durbin and Andrew V. McFeaters who selflessly read through all those reams of typewritten pages and took the time to provide helpful critsism.