Fur history

The archicat is back! Why it took so long for him to return, who knows. But here he is again, and he will once more delight you with his oblique point of view.

For have you really thought about this? What would be the history of mankind, if they hadn’t lost the protection of their comfortable hairy layer?

In this episode, you might recognise references to Laugier, Khufu, Piranesi, the Burj Khalifa, and a recent project for a 170 km long building in Saoudi Arabia called “The Line”.

The archicat looks for the right proportion

As above so below, they say. The archicat has a healthy respect for the wonders of the golden ratio. You know of course that this ratio is used to hold each part of a building together, inside as well as outside. And that the proportions of a design like that reflect and embrace the cosmic order. The archicat finds out for himself.